nina ricci: yes please!

Dear Mr. Copping,

I have followed your arrival for sometime now, well since 2009 to be exact. Can I mention that I would like you to design my wedding dress? Oh wait, you just did. Don’t worry you have some time for that one. (but just a little) Today your pre-fall was posted..I may have, actually did, have a mild heart attack. Ruffles, fur, floor length gowns, black, sequins, Chelsea hats. I know that’s what you designed for me so I could add more to my closet with your stunning creations. This collection spoke to me in sonnets. Easy dressing with a luxe-meets-casual outing. I might just have to throw my Canon over the shoulder for a little photo outing of my own in these slick, skinny pants. Let’s just cut to the chase shall we:

Pitter-Patter.Pitter-Patter. Please stop my heart from racing. I will be wearing this for meet-and-greet with Editor-in-Chief Ms. Alt. What is that lovely little print you are wearing? I think this outfit will be getting lots of interaction on my day-to-day activites. And a sequin jacket? Yes, she appears in my dreams at night sparkling against a print such as the above.

Now what do we have here? A pretty little frock waiting to be worn? Why most definitely! I have a table for two reserved at Balthazar for a fine gentleman and a bottle of bubbly. Yes, Mr. Owl this means you. Please wear your satin bow tie that I so nicely had sent from Mr. Elbaz.

A lovely with brown leather. Boots walkable? They were wear-tested in the cobble streets of Meatpacking district as I stalked the greats that own their boutiques in this tucked away little nook. A Chelsea hat to block the binding rays? Yes, I know you thought of this for those who forget their sunnies on a blinding afternoon. (thanks again for that.) A tee styled under a ultra-fem dress? Who wants to look like they left the Opera the night before and headed out shopping? Not I! But I must add, fancy dresses that were deconstructed with some easy knits? J’adore!

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles!!!! Please add more. I feel like I am the hipper Marie Antoinette sister wearing this in modern times. Tea in the garden for two..floral arranging at the boat house? Central Park on a sunny day? This will have my afternoon covered. And again, the deconstructed knits layering over an over-the-top dress otherwise. Just send three black ones please.

Now this my friends, this has my heart speeding as fast as sound. Where am I going to wear her? Well for starters, I may have to have my Parisian wedding styled with this as the main attraction. I never liked white so why wear it? This lovely little number will have me saying “I do,” with complete confidence. This will set the mood at Notre Dame and dinner at Versailles. I am so not kidding when I say this entire look stopped me dead in my tracks. Simply stunning. Masterpiece. A vision! Now what will my perfect beau be wearing?

And with that, I will wait mark the calendar, for you, Mr. Copping to present your Fall collection. I can only imagine the beauty and lusting I will have once my eyes are blessed with the next great statement.

Until tomorrow,


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